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California State Council of Laborers Ensures Work Opportunities for Laborers and Contractors

Located across the street from the Capitol, the Laborers Legislative Department employs a team of full-time lobbyists that ensure the issues of the Laborers are addressed. Every legislative session, there are approximately 6,000 individual bills. The Laborers Legislative Department monitors these bills acting as necessary to ensure work opportunities for Laborers and our signatory contractors.

Our Mission

The Governmental Affairs staff of the California State Council of Laborers is the principal state-level advocacy arm of the Laborers, handling myraid policy issues that confront the construction industry. Our team of legislative and regulatory process, and work to promote and advocate for laws and policies aimed at improving the health, safety and economic well-being of Laborers working in California.

Working with Many Coalition Groups

We work with various coalition groups in an effort to introduce to support legislation on funding for transportation, school construction, redevelopment projects, power generating facilities, etc. Some of the alliances with which the Legislative Department works closely are:

  • Transportation California

  • Californians for Economic and Environmental Balance

  • California/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • Alliance for Jobs

  • Association of California Water agencies

  • Employer Associations (Construction Industry)

  • Affordable Housing Coalition (Business groups, employer groups and labor)

  • Coalition Group on Diesel (Cleaner Fuels)

  • Construction Industry Force Account Committee

  • California Foundation on Environment and Economy

Maintaining Strong Relationship with State Agencies

The Laborers Legislative Department maintains a close relationship with state agencies such as:

  • EDD

  • Labor Commissioners office

  • Contractors State License Board

  • DIR

  • Cal-OSHA

Combating the Underground Economy

There is a coalition of state agencies brought to the table by the Laborers in ongoing efforts to combat the underground economy. This is an interest shared by labor and management.

Through constant monitoring, involvement and participation in the legislative process, the Laborers will continue to play a key role in the construction industry.

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