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Center for Contract Compliance 

The Center For Contract Compliance Ensures Fairness for Public Work Projects

The Center for Contract Compliance (CCC) is a non-profit organization with a single focus: ensuring that prevailing state and federal wage laws are understood and complied with throughout Southern California’s public works construction industry.

Our Mission

The Center for Contract Compliance is to serve as advocates for worker’s fair wages & working conditions; educate contractors, public agencies, and workers on public works labor laws & regulations; protect law-abiding employers from those who attempt to gain an unfair competitive advantage by failing to comply with minimum labor standards, and to work as partners with enforcement & public agencies for the greater good of the public. Our mandate is to do so with a strict emphasis on impartiality and high ethical conduct to ensure preferential treatment to none.

Services Provided

CCC services include:

  • Assisting employers and employees in obtaining correct wage rates and interpreting wage and hour laws.

  • Monitoring to ensure worker satisfaction and compliance with wage and hour statutes.

  • Assisting public agencies in establishing labor compliance programs.

  • Sponsoring workshops and seminars on compliance with public works laws — for awarding agencies, contractors and employees.

  • Assisting organizations in establishing similar programs outside CCC’s geographical operating area.

Free of Charge

CCC offers its services free to those participating in the state’s construction industry:

  • Contractors

  • Employees

  • Awarding agencies

Only a phone call away, serving their own interests and those of the industry in general.

More Information

El Monte Main Office

(626) 444-8355